Brunch at Yolcan Xochimilco Travel Mexico

To get to Yolcan @yolcan_mx you have to take a 20 min trajinera ride, among beautiful chinampas, through the Xochimilco canals. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to be in the Yolcan chinampa designing some flowers for a brunch cooked by Maximo Bistro's chef Eduardo Garcia. Yolcan is beautiful project destined to preserve Chinampas and organic agriculture. Yolcán is a perfect place to organice a brunch with friends and see the Xochimilco canals in all its splendor. Para llegar a Yolcan tienes que tomar una trajinera a través de los hermosos canales de Xochimilco, este proyecto está destinado a preservar las chinampas y la agricultura orgánica como técnica ancestral