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Jamaica flower market in Mexico City

Mexico's flower market is one of the most beautiful sights for flower and plant lovers, photographers and street food junkies. Aisles and aisles of beauty followed by the most interesting (not precisely nice) smells you will ever encounter.

Go by metro or uber, we recommend you to go on a weekday around 10-11 am to avoid traffic and big crowds, also DON'T EVER go on the 13-14 February (Valentine's) , 9-10 May (Mother's Day) or 11-12 December (Día de la virgen de Guadalupe) unless you want to see the real Mexican folklore and be almost unable to move!

Start in Door one, buy an esquite ( corn with limón, mayonesa & queso ...yum!), walk in any aisle and absorb the colors and smells of the marvellous variety of flowers, plants and food... the firs two aisles (long-wise) are flowers and the rest are food, toys, crafts, piñatas, you name it! We absolutely love it!

Near by is the Mercado de Sonora, where you can also find crafts, brujería and santería (witchcraft) and maybe the solution for all your problems, find a shaman, cast a spell!!

Jamaica Flower Market Mexico city by @sofiabasave

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