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Best Wedding Venues in Mexico City for 2024

Mexico City has so many amazing venues for destination weddings, dreamy gardens, beautiful Haciendas, historic buildings from the 16th century, hidden Conventos and Monasteries, you name this post we present some of our favorite spots if you are thinking of a Destination Wedding in Mexico City.

Proyecto Publico Prim 30

Ideal for large Weddings (100 - 250 guests)

Price: high end

This place is magic all around! A restored old building in Mexico City ideal for a whimsical Wedding! It is definitely one of our favorites and we truly recommend it. It is surrounded with plants and has a magnificent vibe. Primm has so many different rooms so it is ideal for a Ceremony, Cocktail, Reception, you name it!

There are three different spaces you can rent in in this amazing Venue, different prices and sizes, this is General Primm 30.

Proyecto Publico Prim 31

Ideal for medium Weddings (150 - 200 guests) Price: high end

Wedding at Sobremesa Mexico City

Intimate Weddings (40-80 guests)

Ideal for very small intimate Weddings (40-80 guests). Located in Colonia Roma, beautiful old house. Sobremesa has a very magical feeling and it is situated in the Historic Colonia Roma. Casa Delirio Flores is a very good option for your Floral Design, we have done several Weddings here.

Wedding at Casa Xipe

Beautiful Venue in Mexico City, Huge Garden in one of the Historic Neighborhoods of the city, Coyoacan.

Wedding at Museo Casa de la Bola

One of our favourite venues in Mexico city is Museo Casa de la Bola, this place looks like a scene taken out of the Secret Garden or Great Expectations!

Casa de la Bola is perfect for medium sized weddings (more than 100 to 250 guests).

Museo de la Bola wedding

Wedding at Downtown Hotel, Mexico City

Ideal for small Weddings (less than 100 guests)

The Downtown Hotel in Mexico City has it all! A beautiful terrace, a pool, view to historic buildings like the Torre Latinoamericana and rooms to fit your guests.

Wedding at Nima Local House Hotel, Mexico City

Super Intimate Wedding (15 to 30 guests) in the beautiful Colonia Roma, Nima Local House has a cool Roof Top surrounded by Bougainvillea.

Wedding at CÍRCULO MEXICANO, Mexico City

100 GUESTS, In Downtown Mexico City.

Museo Anahuacalli

Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli is exotic and interesting, Built by the famous architect Juan O Gorman, you can rent the space for Medium size Weddings up to 100 guests!

Salón Barcelona

Beautiful and intimate venue in Colonia Juarez, old colonial house with internal patio.

Up to 150 guests.

Wedding at Casa Pedregal, Barragan

Wedding at Seminario 12, Colonia Centro

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